Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Favorite Time of Year

It's officially my favorite time of year...

Who doesn't love men in crisp white 
uniforms playing America's pastime.

and it is not even like I am a HUGE baseball fan..
yes I watch most games but I it's even more than that..
it's the time of the year when flowers are sold on street corners..

It just makes you want to buy bunches and 
put them in a nice white vase on your beside table.

when light jackets are coming out from the back of closets..
Gotta LOVE a trench like Audrey's

and you need sunglasses not just for a fashion 
statement but to keep the sun out of your eyes..

Tom Cruise made so many pairs look that much cooler

Nothing beats a President with a nice pair of shades

..the time of the year when sun on your cheeks is a great acessory to any outfit!

The sun in Prague was just perfect.


  1. Loveeeee street flowers.

  2. Great post. I love all those things too. Those flowers looked so pretty.

  3. The flowers are so pretty! I love this time of the year too cuz it's sunny but not hot and humid :)

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  5. wonderful post. i love spring/summer transition time as well. baseball is, of course, wonderful (even though my beloved cubs haven't won in more than 100 years...) and i LOVE seeing streetside flower venders.