Sunday, June 28, 2009

Away We Go

I went to see the movie Away We Go last weekend. I was really excited about seeing this the trailer looked great, I love Sam Mendes movies (American Beauty, Revolutionary Road) and I also love Dave Eggers' books (A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius and You Shall Know Our Velocity).

The movie lived up to the expectations. Not only was it incredibly funny but it was sweet and a glimpse of a couple, a type of couple not usually shown in movies. The couple was as they called themselves "fuck ups" they are 30 something and have no idea what to do with their lives, but as the impending birth of their child approaches they search to learn what is happiness and where do they find it.

Both John Krasinkini and Maya Rudolph were perfect  but the supporting actors of the film added to the collage of life shown as they search through North American to find their "home" and happiness. 

The first stop is Phoenix where the couple spends the day with Verona's (Maya Rudolph) former boss Lilly (Allison Janney). Lilly is terribly blunt to her children and husband and her antics leave you laughing.

They then go to visit Burt's (John Kransinkini) childhood friend Ellen (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who has renamed herself LN and now lives a "hippie" lifestyle with her partner and two children, both of which she still breast feeds even though one is old enough to ask for it. The two couples clashing lifestyles lead to many funny scenes and a clue to the path of happiness.

Burt and Verona then bolt for Montreal to find their old college friends Tom (Chris Messina) and Munch (Mealine Lynskey) who have a home with a collection of children Brad and Angelina would be proud of. 

The film shows that although life is not always planned happiness and home can be found in the most unlikely situations, and it makes life that much more fun, and humorous.

I whole heartily recommend this movie as it does not disappoint. Check out the trailer below. Not to mention the movie has amazing music listen to some of the music here.

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