Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Currently Reading..

I love love love to read, unfortunately being an busy Interior Design student does not allow for many free moment to read. But thankfully it is SUMMER, aka read till my eyeballs fall out. I am currently reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I had heard of this book a long time ago and never got around to reading it but, I saw the trailer for the movie which is coming out August 14th and it gave me the push to read it. So then I can love it and then become mad when the movie is not as perfect as the book was, which is usually what happens. 

The book is an untraditional love story about Henry DeTamble, a cute adventurist librarian who involuntarily travels through time and Clare Abshire, an artist whose does not time travel. The story is strange but intriguing because Clare first meets Henry when she is five and he is in his 40s. The first time he meet her however he is 28 she is 20 and he doesn't know her, but she knows him.

I cannot wait for the movie and I am only 100 pages into the book. The trailer grabs you and if that doesn't Eric Bana will. The movie also stars Rachel McAdams and the screenplay is written by the same man who wrote Ghost. 

Check out the trailer below.

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