Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Style Inspiration: Two for the Road

A marvelous little movie about a couple in the south of France that non-sequentially drive down the roads of their relationship. It stars Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney who are both fantastic in it. It might just be one of my favorite Audrey movies because it just looks like they had so much fun making it and the story line is sensational. 

O and did I mention the gorgeous clothes. Ms. Hepburn styled herself not by going to Givenchy as usual, but by pulling clothes straight from the racks of Paris shops to create a look very similar to that of the time for a regular "Joanne". Therefore the movie features some outrageous but inspiring outfits and accessories. 

This Paco Rabanne dress is constructed from acrylic discs threaded together with thin metal chains and had earrings to match.  Although this is fabulous for Audrey I just don't think it will work for us when we attend a cocktail party so here is an outfit for today inspired by this beauty.

2. Metallic Pump, Christian Louboutin
(one luxury item seemed like a good idea for my imaginary budget)
3. Twisted strap cami, Old Navy
(can't go to a cocktail party without a cocktail ring)

Trench coat and turtleneck sweater is adorable. Very Audrey, very everyday chic. This outfit doesn't need much tweaking for today.

1. Trench Coat, Burberry
(You can't have an Audrey inspired outfit without ballet flats)
5. Ray-Ban 4118, Ray-Ban
(Again an Audrey outfit without sunnies is like a grilled cheese without the cheese)

And now some beach fashion by Joanna and Audrey. Big sunnies, conservative but sexy swimsuits, and a nice button up shirt as a cover up. I think we can all manage to look this chic.

(I love JCrew swim wear, although I have never owned one, they all seem insanely flattering sexy but conservative at the same time.)

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  1. terrific post! you're really good at finding similar looks!! and now i need to watch this movie.