Friday, August 21, 2009

Dear Ashlee Simpson's Stylist..

I do love this romper, definetly not the romper of your childhood, very girly but still sexy. However, the color pretty much matches her skin tone and the pearls and shoes are the exact same tone, creating a very blah effect. 

(Image found here)

If only, it was paired with these accessories and a nicer hairstyle, then you would have looked fabulous.

Tri-Strand Matte Pearl Necklace, Forever 21

Prada Raso Gathered Clutch, Barneys

Golden Orb Ring, J.Crew

Christian Louboutin Lady Page Velvet-Bow Pumps, Neiman Marcus


  1. Great choices. A pop of color would have gone a long way.

  2. Hey chickie - you won! Email me your info okay ;-)

  3. You are so right on with this! The plum accessories and a better hairstyle would have taken this from mediocre in no time.

  4. Love this! Great makeover Meaghan! Love the gorgeous accessories you chose!

  5. I think Ashlee should hire you as her stylist!!! Great choices!