Friday, August 14, 2009

Falling Slowly.

Picture it LA Oscar telecast 2008,
 I am sitting at home laughing at John Stewart's jokes and loving the fashion. Then the music awards start, I usually hate this part they usually are terrible droning songs, but suddenly a cute girl and a rather handsome ginger start to sing along with an guitar and piano. Magic happens in my head. 

(Couldn't find the original version)

This a fabulous I think, Who are these people I wonder? Finally after googling and the fact that they went on to win the Oscar for best song I find out who they are, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irgova (also known as Swell Season) from the movie Once and the song is Falling Slowly.

 I quickly download the song (yes I'm shameless) and become obsessed with it. A year later a lightbulb lights in my little head saying "Why don't you have Netflix?" Long story short I rented Once finally, and loved the movie as much as the song and fell in love with more music from them.  

Modern time: They have a new album coming out in October and they were on NPR today preforming some of it. If you don't fall in love with them..well sorry you are missing out.

(Click on the link to listen to the NPR performance, thanks {frolic!})

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  1. I don't know you, but I want you, all the more for that....