Thursday, August 6, 2009

Style Inspiration: Mamma Mia

I think I'm going to try to make this a frequent post (inspiration from movies). This time I choose the movie Mamma Mia, with amazing Meryl (who is excited for Julie and Julia this weekend I know I am). A perfectly fun movie about a girl named Sophie who is about to get married, but does not know who her father is.  Sophie decides to get to the bottom of this and digs up her mother's (Meryl) old journal and narrow down the men, but she soon find there is not just one suspect but three. So in hopes of finding which one is her real father she invites them to her wedding (Did I mention all this happens in Greece?). Chaos ensues and soon it is a crazy, fun, musical journey to find her father. Oh and plenty of ABBA music.

Now the style, after first watching this movie all I could think was: I want Sophie's hair and everyones clothes (all the bright colors against the color of the water was just perfect).

First up Sophie in this gorgeous print swimsuit and a nice white flowy skirt as a cover-up. 

3. Drawstring linen skirt, Gap (on sale)

Meryl's "hard-working inn owner's outfit" (not sure how this would fit into anyones wardrobe unless they were volunteering for Habitat or something, but now that I think about it this would make a cute Habitat outfit lol). Feather boa completely necessary for when a girl who just breaks out singing "Dancing Queen". 

2. Women's Bip Overall, Dickies (cuff at your own will)
3.  Luxe teardrop earrings, Forever 21 (too class up the macho outfit)

Sophie's amazing wedding gown, but since I'm not getting married anytime soon I used this inspiration for a party dress.

2. Nebulous Rose Ring, Forever 21
3. The Cora Large Silk Flower Hair Pin, Mandizzle's Etsy shop
4. Sedaraby, Manolo Blahnik

Meryl's wedding outfit: gorgeous-the color combination, the print: perfect. It was really hard to find another dress as beautiful as this.
3. Steve Madden Hanaa Sandal, Macy's (on sale)

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