Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 Places.

I love to travel. I have a yen for travel. I have not been to many places but whenever I travel to somewhere new I am enamored with the new place, culture, and people. After seeing a beautiful "would be" travel destinations list from A "cheery" disposition I decided to make one of my own. So here is my travel bucket list (narrowed down to ten places).

1. Greece, I think this has been the top of my list since middle school. The ruins, the architecture, the majestic blue ocean, the food. Sign me up! First stop Athens middle stops to be determined last stop Santorini.

2. Italy, A Roman Holiday fit for Gregory and Audrey! To discover my Italian ancestry, food, art, culture, and all things Fellini! After watching Giada Italian Holiday special I just might have to schedule my trip via Giada (she knows what she is doing) and hit all the lovely places. I will come back 15-45 pounds heavier!?

3. France, lets hit the South of France like Audrey and Albie in a MG, then enjoy Paris in stripes with a baguette in hand. Too corny? I have to admit France is a new one to the list, I always wanted to go of course, but it was not on my must see list until I read "My Life in France" by Julia Child. The way she described the food laced in butter and the people made my heart ache for something French. I'll just be An American in Paris! Bon!

4. London, England. Of course I want to go to other places in the UK but let's just focus on London. Check out Christopher Wren's masterwork, visit museums after museums, stalk some Harry Potter locations (geeky yes, but fun!), hang out in Notting Hill and see if I can find a celebrity who will have a long but beautiful relationship with me featuring the phrase "Whoopsy Daisys". Find me on Abbey Road. I'll give it a go!

5. Disney World, Yes I am 21 almost 22 years old and I have never been to Disney World this seems to be shocking to most. Growing up all my friends always went on and on about Disney World I still long for "the most magical place on earth".

6. Hawaii. This is uber dream vacation, maybe I am wrong (I'm not a travel agent) but I having a feeling traveling to Hawaii is more expensive than traveling to a foreign country. So if I win the lottery, you'll find me in Hawaii!

7. Capri. Even since I have heard of Capri I have wanted to go, but the hopeless romantic in me really want to save this one for a honeymoon it just seems to romantic to be alone.

8. Seattle. I know I have stated this before but I am obsessed with Seattle lately. It just seems like an amazing city and full of design. You'll find me at the library drooling over Rem's work.

9. San Francisco. This has been on the list for a while as well. San Francisco just seems to have so much to offer. I'll see Alcatraz, climb the hills and see what San Fran has to offer.

10. Ireland. Visit the "homeland". I say that in quotes because my father's family (being the way they are) has no idea if we are actually from Ireland, but says we are 100 percent Irish even though my great grandmother had an English accent and saw the Titanic leave port. Questions need to be answered. It is going to be like the Visa commercial when the son takes his father to his homeland, just to find out he isn't in fact from there!? I will pack my wellies for this adventure!

What are your top ten places to visit?
If anyone else makes a 10 Places post please let me know I would love to read them.

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