Thursday, September 10, 2009


Some of my favorite hair styles include braids. I am obsessed with braids, I only wish my hands would cooperate and I could learn to braid (all I can do right now is a really bad regular French braid and the plain boring kinds). So here are some images to get you jealous if you cannot braid and some inspiration if you can braid.

Unfortunately I had all these images saved onto my computer so I have no idea where I found them. 

PS. Check out the Braid Wednesday pool on Flickr I found some of my images there.


  1. I LOVE braids! I've always used them too, not just now that they're popular either. lol. I especially love the Blair braid.

  2. I adore braids.... I used to have them in my hair every day when I was kid. I should probably start braiding my hair again now!