Monday, September 21, 2009

Game Night

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I am a huge fan of games. All games: trivia, board, card games I'm in. Whenever my family goes on vacation we always take games and usually get in trouble while playing them (last time we were a little too loud and the neighbors at the condo got angry?!). So here are a few of my favorite games to play.

My all time favorite game, it combines Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and Charades together. I always played the regular Cranium but now I am addicted to the turbo version it has more games and more fun in my opinion.

This game is a lot of fun screaming usually happens but is a great game to play with a group of people.

Another fun group game. I have had so much fun playing this especially if you find a team member who thinks like you. I have also experienced some pain with his game for you pass it back and forth and whomever ends with it when the timer goes off looses that round. Well my over competitive friend threw it at my head to get rid of it. So be careful don't play with over competitive people.

This is a classic game that I just love, I have the 50th Anniversary edition and its great it has metal pieces and just fancy everything. Always a fun game I have been playing this for year.

This game is hysterical. It can turn dirty but its so fun. One person asks a question and then everyone playing answers on a piece of paper without any names and then the person who asked the question has to decide who game which answer. Simple concept but fun game.

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  1. i'm all about cranium and clue! those are some of my favorites too.