Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspiration: The English Patient

I consider myself to be a pretty big film buff but there are always a few classic films that slip through the cracks (considering films I have seen), The English Patient was one of them. Thanks again to Netflix, I was able to watch it this weekend. After watching I do not know how I have lived without it for so long. Not only was the film heartbreakingly amazing it was beautiful the colors, costumes, locations and interiors inspired me.

Since I was still thinking about the beauty that is the English Patient days later I decided to use it as inspiration. First I decided to find interior furnishings that were inspired by the movie. 

1. (Center) "Swoon I'll catch you"
Image from film
2. Woven Raw Silk Pillows, Williams-Sonoma Home
I choose these because the color of the red one reminded me of the paintings Katherine did of the cave paintings. 
3. Desert Inspirational image (Thanks Google)
4. Woven Pendant, West Elm
I choose this because of the beautiful natural texture of it which reminded me of Africa
5. Globe Lamp, West Elm
I choose this because the stone of the lamp base and the colors reminded me of the caves.
6. Desert Inspirational image (Thanks again Google)
7. Image from Opening credits of film showing the painting done my Katherine
8. Elephant Scroll Embroidered Bedding, Williams-Somona Home
I searched high and low for a white bedspread. I really wanted white because I was inspired by all the white Katherine wears and the elephants were a nice touch.
9. Flip Desk, West Elm
I was not even looking for a desk but when I saw this it just spoke "English Patient" to me.
10. Morocco Headboard, West Elm
This just spoke to me again and really reminded me of Laszlo's hotel room.
11. Inspirational Desert Image
12. Image from the film
13. Canopy bed I envisioned since most of the film they are in tents.

Stay tuned for Part II Style Inspiration tomorrow.


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  2. i love the swoon, i'll catch you picture...i wonder who that was for?? haha. but i loove the flip desk, canopy bed, and especially the morocco headboard. beautiful finds. i can't wait to see part II tomorrow!