Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Tim Burton's World, We're Just Living in It.

Tim Burton, the mad scientist behind some of my favorite movies; Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Big Fish, Sweeney Todd and soon Alice and Wonderland, will be honored with an retrospective of his work at the Museum of Modern Art in NY. The people at MOMA are not the only ones basking in his brilliance, this months Harper's Bazar has a whole spread on Halloween Fashion inspired by Tim Burton. Check out some of the genius images below.

All image via Harper's Bazar


  1. Thanks for the tweet love - and love these pics - I cannot wait for Oct 31st!!

  2. How awesome! I know I'll be reading it!

    Haute Whimsy

  3. I am in love with Tim Burton and all of his madness!

  4. Okay so this spread kind of frightened me...and I kind of loved it!
    XX Kate "the NEO-trad"

  5. these pics are so cool! i can't wait for Alice in wonderland either, it's already on my calendar!