Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lovely Package Exchange.

As I had mentioned previously I joined Hello Friend's lovely package exchange. I was paired up with the lovely Allyn from Elk Grove, CA. At first I was a little nervous to do this as I always have bad luck in these types of situations. In high school whenever the homeroom would do Secret Santa I would work very hard to find unique items, and I would always be partnered with the slacker who did not even bring in one gift. Luckly for this package exchange luck was on my side as I received an amazing package from Allyn in the mail on Monday.

Highlights include but are not limited to the following:
-Andy Warhol wrapping paper
-A really cute tea cup
-A homemade tote with fabric from Japan

 And here is a sneak peak of what I sent Allyn..

You can check out the rest of what I sent her and her discussion of the swap at her blog AmiAmi

P.S. The flowers on top of the brown package I sent Allyn will be featured in my Etsy shop..stay tuned.


  1. what a fun and fun idea. there's nothing that gets me more excited than a package adressed to me. let me know the next time they do this!