Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Original Celebrity Crush

A long time ago in a New England town a little girl watched endless hours of Full House. That is how my first celebrity man crush began. Uncle Jessie, I know I should have been going for one of Michelle's little buddies but I guess the older man thing starts young. John Stamos in his tight jeans and leather jacket made my 5 year old heart swoon.

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Most likely because I was around the Michelle's age and he was so sweet to her. Years later I still find myself thinking this man is attractive.

As an ER addict I was pretty excited when he became a regular on the show. Not until I was watching the last episode with a friend and discussed how good he still looked, did I realized that I have found him attractive for most of my life. So keep at it Mr. Stamos, you look damn good.

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P.S. Mr. Stamos has a Twitter follow him here, and he is also staring in Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway.

PPS. I just found this picture of him on his Twitter in the hotel across the street from me. Damn if I had only known.

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  1. i used to love him too when i watched full house. and he's still really sexy. mmmmm