Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Additions to the Closet

Last weekend I went "back to school shopping" (I'll use any excuse to shop) and found some wonderful items. I found jeans! YAY! But the jeans I found were overpriced so I shall be looking at the outlets this weekend for a cheaper alternative.

At Filene's Basement I found this amazing Mondani Hannah Tote Bag in bronze. It's gorgeous and big enough for all my supplies I have to tote to the studio. Plus it was only forty dollars.

At DSW aka "Heaven on Earth" I found a fabulous pair of flats with a particularly cute zipper flower detail (which I will be DIY for my Etsy shop..stay tuned). These babies were also a steal at forty dollars. 

Yes I have big feet that is what happens when you are 5'8"


  1. I have that bag! Take it back! I only had it for 4 months because I had to THROW IT AWAY because it literally just fell apart. I was so sad because I loved it and got so many compliments. RIP Bag

  2. Did you end up keeping the bag?