Friday, September 18, 2009

Roaring Twenties Style

(Image from Wikipedia)

I am constantly inspired by the 1920s. Just last Spring for a class I designed a hotel inspired by the Jazz Age complete with an underground speakeasy. The Golden Twenties had more than just style design wise, the fashion was undesirably beautiful. Obviously I am not the only one to feel this way as there are hits of the Roaring Twenties everywhere.

Gossip Girl Meet the Golden Twenties
1. (center) Gossip Girl Images from Set, InStyle
2. Image found here
3. Image found here
4. Image found here

Gatsby Style
All image found via Google

And now for some Roaring Twenties inspired pieces..

Sleeveless Black Silk Gown, The Frock
Black Swan Headband by IceCreamCandy at Etsy
Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings, Nordstrom

Mastoloni Extra Long Akoya Baroque Pearl, Nordstrom

Petal Loop Cloche Hat, Forever 21
Glint "Natalie" T-Strap Sandal, Nordstrom


  1. Love it all... that dress and headband you found... spot on!!! Maybe I should suggest a flapper party to all of my friends- how fun would that be??

  2. That sounds so much fun! I actually thought about doing a murder mystery party that takes place in the 20s they sell kits online and you just send out cards to your friends with who they are supposed to impersonate. Anything 20s sounds like fun to me!

  3. i LOVE love LOVEEE that headband!!! It is gorgeous.