Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cinema Paradiso.

Cinema Paradiso. A new favorite, is a beautiful Oscar winning Italian movie. The film tells the story of young Toto a boy obsessed with movies. Toto spends many waking hours at the local movie theatre, Cinema Paradiso, and makes a wonderful friendship with Alfredo, Paradiso's projectionist.

The movie is a definite tear jerker an as soon as I finished watching it I went onto Amazon to buy the collectors edition which includes the Directors cut and the moving soundtrack.

The characters of the movie are so realistic and moving you feel for them and cry for them. If you are not a fan of foreign movies, please give this one a try. A sentimental vision, this movie is one to cherish.

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  1. no offense, i think it's a bit over-rated. i mean, i liked the movie and all, but i like didn't cry and didn't think it flowed as well as it could have. but i am happy you liked it!

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