Friday, October 30, 2009

Stealing From the British and Giving to an American

Thanks to the magic that is Netflix I have been enjoying the first season of the BBC's Robin Hood. It's fantastic, campy, funny, action packed and all the fun that is Robin Hood.

I have always loved the story of Robin Hood since I was little and saw the Disney version. Robin as a fox, it was just awesome and still one of my favorite Disney movies.

The BBC's Robin Hood is a little more adult, I mean Robin Hood is still a fox but in a total different way, even the bad guys are charming. The British humor of it all makes me laugh endlessly at the outrageous and lovable characters and the hysterical antics.

After watching the first season I honestly cannot wait to get the second in the mail, until then I plan to watch Robin and Marian this weekend with Audrey and Mr. Connery, which I have not seen yet but I cannot wait. It is the older story of the famous loves, who have rediscovered each other after Robin returns from the Crusades.
When he returns he find Marian has joined the convent. It all sounds like good fun and after reading Audrey's biography I learnt she was really happy that a movie about older people in love was made and was really excited to be apart of it.
So now that you know my weekend will be filled with work and Robin Hood and a little dress up for Halloween, what is everyone else doing?

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  1. i'm happy i introduced the bbc robin hood to you. love the disney robin hood also "too late to be known as john the first, he's sure to be known as john the worst, a pox on that phony king of england!" also, you should check out the robin hood with errol flynn, it's a classic!

  2. I love the story of Robin Hood... but I never knew this BBC show existed!! I will have to add it to my Netflix...
    I am quite fond of the Kevin Costner movie that came out in the 90s... I still watch it and love it every time, even though I've seen it a million times!