Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday Recap

Me and My gift from Christina, lovely pearl chandelier earrings

This past weekend was my 22nd Birthday and thanks to a wonderful group of friends I was able to celebrate in style. The celebrations began Friday! A bunch of lovely ladies got dressed up and went out for asian fusion at Typhoon. The food was fantastic even though the waiter forgot my order! I munched on lettuce wraps and Spicy Typhoon Chicken and washed it all down with a yummie Mai Tai.

The Girls at Dinner

After dinner we went out for drinks at a little bar, where I tried my first sidecar. Let me tell ya it was delish! I especially loved the sugar rim it made my lips nice and sweet! The table ordered these huge chocolate cupcakes which were served with homemade whip cream and we ate them up so quickly it was unbelievable. Then my cutie puttie friend Christina (check out her blog here it's fantastic) made everyone go around the table and say why they love me, which was so cute. I learned I was a "pool of knowledge" and that my outfits and cooking make them all jealous.

We were very excited to see her.

The next morning (the actual B-day) two friend met me for breakfast at Paramount. I had Texas Style French Toast topped with Fresh Fruit and a side of yummie bacon. We then walked over to the Science Museum to meet up with the rest of the Harry Potter group. My friend Kat (check out her blog here) came in from Miami and was a big burst of sunshine to my weekend and since we are both Harry Potter obsessed it made the exhibit that much better.
Jumping for joy!

Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures inside the exhibit but they had Ronald's Knight outside for me to pose with so it made me happy. The exhibit was really cool I was sorted (Gryffindor obviously!) and then we were led past the Hogwarts Express and into different rooms of the movies. We stopped in the Gryffindor common room, saw Umbridge's pink office and pulled mandrakes out of their pots to hear their screams! We also got to throw Quaffles through goal posts! It was awesome to see all the different costumes and props of the movies! The only down side was that it wasn't very interactive, we all had wished the tour guides/guards were in character as Hogwarts students.

Super excited for 'arry

After 'arry we went to the galleria for a little shopping and junk food. From there I went home and took a wonderful nap, I love naps so much it was fantastic to take one my birthday! After my nap I got ready for the night ahead with roomie and Christina and had cupcakes and some bubbly.

We then met up with a fellow birthday girl for drinks and shenanigans at a local bar. The bar wasn't the most elegant but it had dollar drafts and those are always welcome. I was also a very spoiled girl for presents included lovely pearl chandelier earrings, UP on dvd, Pride and Prejudice, Chanel Chance perfume, a lovely and soft pashmina, and a super cute sketch book with chairs on the cover.

The weekend was a success I even managed to finish my 65% submittal for my thesis research! Im excited to head home on Wednesday for Turkey Day and Birthday activities with the family.


  1. happy belated birthday! i was glad to come up and visit! i can't wait till my next trip :-)

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing birthday... I am so glad!!! And those cupcakes... yum!! Glad you celebrated with such great friends and had a blast!! You deserve it!!

  3. I'm so glad you had a great birthday weekend! You deserved it! We had so much fuN!!! See you when I get back.