Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Recap

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Who doesn't love dressing up as someone fun?! I love the decorations, the colors, the kiddies in their adorable costumes trick or treating and even the Great Pumpkin! All this excitement for Halloween every year is great but it is also probably my problem as my expectations are too high. I always come up with elaborate costumes and then have to scale them back or pick a new one depending on time, I blame my mother she always made us awesome costumes. I also always want to have a huge haunted house party with spooky decor and friends with great costumes.

This year I decided to throw a party, I knew some of my friends were going out to a bar or two but that just didn't appeal to me so I figured I'd stay in instead. I invited 25 or so friends and it ended up being a party of just 6. I knew a lot of people weren't going to be able to make it for Halloween is a busy night so I was stressed those who were coming were going to have a terrible time and it was all going to be a waste. But I guess that is also part of my problem sometimes I can be such a Debbie Downer because of my high expectations, not only with parties but with life. Five beautiful people came and we had a great time playing Wii, having drinks and munchies.

This Halloween taught me not to stress, not to have such high expectations (don't get me wrong I still will just not as high as Everest) and to go with the flow. My costume came out great and I had a fun night so I cannot complain. I just need to learn to cherish what I have and sometime life's unexpected moments will be more fun than the planned ones.

I was a Gypsy! Thanks to Target's sale rack, and my
large collection of scarves and necklaces.

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  1. don't stress my pet. people always let you down, so don't depend on them. there's no point in stressing about them.

  2. What a fab costume!!

    5 AWESOME peeps are better than 25 'so-so' ones anyday! Those are true friends!

    And how FUN is Wii?!

  3. I so agree with the unexpected moments being better than the planned ones sometimes!!!

    You looked AWESOME!!!