Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Living with Life's Little Surprises.

After my post on Monday about Halloween and learning to go with the flow and understanding that sometimes the unexpected can bring something beautiful, I read this article. Teanne Harris, a bride jilted at the altar took her lemons and made lemonade. When she found out her deposit for the reception could not be refunded she sat in her car with her mom crying, as most of us would have done, then she did the unexpected, she looked up saw the Retirement Home across the street and a spark went off. Instead of letting her Halloween reception go to waste she decided to change the venue and do it for the elderly. A great party with decoration, music, food, costumes and fun was thrown and she made hundreds of elderly people happy. The DJ played oldies, the tables were decorated with candy jars and masquerade masks and the banquet hall served senior friendly meals. The guest dressed in costumes from Dracula to Raggedy Ann. After the party Teanne went on her honeymoon alone, maybe to find herself, find a man, or just relax and have a few too many cocktails. Cheers to a woman who make a terrible experience into a fantastic one for complete strangers.

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  1. Wow.... kudos to her. This is an AMAZING story!! Love it!