Friday, November 13, 2009

Needed: A Eyebrow Stylist

Eyebrow stylists: I am not sure if they even exist, but I think eyebrows are really important for the general look and style of your face. I normally go to a place which treads eyebrows, if your not in the know about treading click here to find out, it is virtually pain free and the woman does a decent job shaping them considering it is only 10 dollars. But lately, lets see for the past 3 or 4 months, I haven't gotten my eyebrows done, I felt that they are too thin and just weren't right. So I'm in a search to figure out my eyebrows.

I am always jealous of people with fierce eyebrows that really stand out and just really work well with their face. But it is so hard to find the eyebrows of your dreams for every face needs or should have different eyebrows. Am I right?

So here are some images of my eyebrow envy.

All images via google.


  1. Hire me Hire me!!! I'm dying to do yours! We forgot about it last night!

  2. Eyebrows are SO important, I completely agree!! Have you seen Anastasia's brow shaping kit thingy? I think they have it at Sephora. It's fabulous!!