Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sexy Sequins.

Today is my 100th post! I am really enjoying this little hobby (obsession) I have and I hope all you lover-lees enjoy it, because I know I enjoy reading all your creative blogs. So on to the next fashion trend I am craving..

Sequins are not usually my thing they are a little too dance recital for me, but during the holidays or just the winter in general sequins are a nice touch to a simple outfit.

They can dress up a pair of jeans or make your simple cardi seem festive. Check out a few of my favorite sequin pieces.

1. See by Chloe Sequin Skirt, Neiman Marcus
3. Sequin-print mini skirt, Banana Republic
5. Autumn's Bounty Bib, Anthropologie
7. Lively Mist Top, Anthropolgie
12. Shadow Lounge Tank, ModCloth
13. No-Place-Like-Home Flats, Anthropologie

Inspiration Images via google.

1 comment:

  1. Happy 100th post!!!
    And sequins... maybe it's wrong, but I love 'em all year round. Sparkle just makes me happy!