Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Carol

One of my most loved Christmas stories is the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I read this in 5th grade and then the class acted it out. I played the ghost of Christmas Present of course because I was the tallest one. It is just such an enchanted, wonderful story about the true sprit of Christmas.

My love for the Christmas Carol extends to many of the movie versions. I love this time of the year and I have many favorite Christmas movies but I think the Christmas Carol versions are just an essential part of the season.

The classic 1938 version starring Reginald Owen is perfection, it is the top for simplicity and spirit. It is just classic!

The 1984 version starring George C. Scott is another one of my favorite versions. Scott plays the best Scrooge in my opinion. He has the ability to make you believe he is really that cold and that Christmas Eve and the visit from the ghost really did change him.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is great to watch with kids and is just fun all around, I think this might have been the first version I saw and it is a gem. Those Muppets have such heart and comic timing.

Finally Mickey's Christmas Carol, another great version to watch with kids, running only 30 minutes its a little too short for my taste but still a great treat.

Now all I have to do is go out and watch the new Disney version in theaters.

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  1. gotta love a muppet's christmas carol, and mickey's christmas carol. those are the best!

  2. Love Mickey and Muppet Christmas Carols! Classics :)

  3. Ooooh... you really must see the new one, in 3D! It was simply amazing. I loved it.