Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tim Burton Madness.

Last Friday I traveled to New York City for a wonderful day of shopping and got the chance to go to MOMA and see the genius that is Tim Burton.

I have discussed the exhibit previously and was so excited for it, which was a good thing considering the crowds and wait. I arrived at the museum a little past four and received a 6pm time to see the exhibit. After perusing the museum I headed to the line for the exhibit.

As you enter though a Tim Burton designed monster mouth you are in a black hallway watching clips from his short films. This was a great way to enter in but there were so many people you could not enjoy the clips.

When you entered the main space there were walls and walls and rooms of work. There was a range of work from high school notebooks and poems to his short films and art school work to finally his movies. There were sketches, sculptures, watercolors, paintings, and props from the movies such as Sweeney Todd razors and Edward's costume and scissorhands.

The exhibit was amazing but WAY too crowded I felt I couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked. I would definitely recommend the exhibit to any Tim Burton or art lover as the exhibit really showed that he is not only a director but a true artists with a very clear vision.

All images via google as there are
no photos allowed in the exhibit


  1. I want to see it! Good review....I hope to go in Feb sometime...hopefully the holiday crowds will have died down!

  2. How amazing!!! I so wish I could go... I think his work is so fascinating.