Monday, January 18, 2010

Currently Adoring

New things I am adoring and savoring..
I have been lusting after this since July, but now I am the happy new owner thanks to my Aunt who bought it for me for Christmas. I love it so much more now that I own it, it's the perfect size and looks lovely with pretty much everything!

Lola was another item I have being craving for quite sometime but once again Christmas saved the day another lovely family member got me this and Chanel Mademoiselle. Both are such clean and beautiful scents and work in great rotation with my Chanel Chance.

I went to see John Irving at a book reading in October where he spoke about this book and his writing process, Irving is one of my favorite authors and this book is just an addition on a long list of things I love about him.

I had never seen Mad Men until recently but just the look of it told me I would love it. I just finished season one and loved every minute of it, season two will be next on my Netflix.

British Mini-Series
Thanks to the wonder that is Winter Break I have been watching movies and tv on Netflix instant view non-stop. Lately all I have been watching is British Mini-Series, it started with North and South, went onto Wives and Daughters and finished with the Tenant of Windfell Hall. All of which I enjoyed and highly recommend.

This gorgeous dress from Forever 21
I ordered this online last night lets hope its cute on me. I just think it would look so cute with tights, boots, and a blazer.

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  1. I am SO very very jealous you saw John Irving speak. He is one of my favorite authors.