Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Willfully Wonderful Wonderland

I recently watched Phoebe in Wonderland, starring Elle Fanning, the movie tells the story of Phoebe a young girl with a fantastic imagination but some strange behavioral issues.

When Phoebe is cast in the school production of Alice and Wonderland the story starts to merge with her life.

The movie was just fantastic, Elle was incredibly moving (those Fannings must have super actor genes) and the story was so sweet and uplifting.

While watching the movie I became inspired by Phoebe and her sister's clothing. Both who are around 10 years old wear the cutest tights, dresses, and skirts imaginable.

Since I was so inspired I decided to style an outfit so every girl can go to wonderland with Phoebe.

Silk Twyla Tank, JCrew
Simple and a little grown up to play with all the "little girl" inspired items

Speaking of little girl inspired items channel your inner child and Carrie Bradshaw in this tutu skirt from Nordstrom

Pair it with these fun tights for a truly Alice touch

A JCrew schoolboy blazer to play with the tutu and skirt (I love mixing girly and menswear inspired items)

A pair of
Louboutins are always needed for a fun night out in Wonderland.

Add a watch necklace so you won't be late for that very important date!
And some fun and girly earrings to finish the fun outfit! Now you are all set for the tea party!

Film images via Google


  1. I totally featured that LaROK skirt in grey recently. Fabulous!

  2. This looks like an amazing film! I can't believe I've never heard of it!!!!

  3. i'm kind of in love with this outfit and i am adding this to my queue as well!