Monday, February 22, 2010

A Fashion Forward Choice

Last night after a break from massive amounts of work I finally got the chance to watch Coco Before Chanel. The movie was in one word beautiful.

Coco Before Chanel tells the story of Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel before she became the revolutionary fashion giant we all knew and loved. Audrey Tautou plays young Chanel, and once again she is just perfect.

The acting is just one of many perfect things in this film, the costumes are to die for. As a true lover of period movies this is just a gorgeous example. The movie is such a delight for the eye's as well, the cinematography is subtle but creates so many perfect screen shoots to drool over.

If you are a fan of Audrey or Coco or period dramas this is a great choice for you. Add it to you queue.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simply Soaking

I had never been a huge fan of tubs. Sure when I was little baths were great but as I got older I never got the whole bubble bath soaking in the tub thing. Maybe I just never had the right tub. Now that I don't have one in my apartment and the Boston winter is getting just too much to bear I am dreaming of a warm tub to climb into and just relaxing until the water gets too cold to stay in, then climbing out into a nice robe. Take a look at some of my favorite inspiration images of tubs. I think my dream one will be claw foot and nice and big so I can fit my tall-self inside.

Not only do I love this tub but the chair with the lyre back makes my chair loving heart swoon. The chandelier is pretty elegant as well.

Love the reflective quality of the outside not loving the coral looking ceiling mounted faucet.

All the white! Love it!

This is for my nautical loving friend Lauren.

The curtains are just so old world so is the finish on the outside of the tub, great to soak in while reading Pride and Prejudice.

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personal inspiration file

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mapping Beautiful Decor

Elle Decor's website recently featured a slideshow showing how to use beautiful maps as pieces of art in your home. They featured beautiful inspiration images such as the ones shown and it got me in the search for maps to line your walls with. Thanks to the magic that is Etsy there are tons of gorgeous maps in different variety to add to your decor. Check out some of my favorites below.

This wonderful and graphic map decal would look perfect in a modern home office

This Vintage Map of Italy from StoriesDivinations would look perfect in your kitchen as you whip up some Italian delights Giada taught you. It would be perfect matted in a simple white and a nice modern wood frame to match your decor.

This fine ink drawn map of 19th century Savannah at turnofthecenturies would be a great addition for your home especially if you have some southern connection.

This drawing set of four panels showing Amsterdam by studiokmo would be perfection on a boldly painted wall.

These customizable coaster by CarolinaCottage would be perfect fun while entertaining. What a great talking point? Maybe have them made with favorite vacation spots, hometowns, or places where significant events took place.

This Antique Colorado Engraved Map by PetiPoulailler would be a great inspiration point for your room decor. Such earthy tones would create a lovely space.

Finally this gorgeous print by shyama envokes visions of old world travel with trunks full of glamorous clothes and letters written back home to make your friends jealous.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Story of Two Strangers, One a Little Stranger Than The Other

Last night I watched the movie Adam starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne. Adam tells the story of a man with Asperger's falling in love and dealing with up and downs of his life. As soon as I saw the preview for the movie a few months ago I fell in love with the idea of the movie and after watching it I was not disappointed.

Only having known one person with Asperger's the movie was enlightening and Hugh's portrayal of the struggle with everyday things is enlightening. After watching the movie I read many reviews by people with Asperger's saying how lovely it is to see a true depiction of what they deal with everyday.

Not only does the movie shed light on Asperger's but it is a heartwarming and charming love story, but like the ever lovely 500 Days of Summer, it is your conventional romantic story. The movie also has a great soundtrack, so much so that I downloaded it off Amazon right after watching. I would highly recommend the movie if you loved 500 Days or if you just love a indie romance.

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