Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simply Soaking

I had never been a huge fan of tubs. Sure when I was little baths were great but as I got older I never got the whole bubble bath soaking in the tub thing. Maybe I just never had the right tub. Now that I don't have one in my apartment and the Boston winter is getting just too much to bear I am dreaming of a warm tub to climb into and just relaxing until the water gets too cold to stay in, then climbing out into a nice robe. Take a look at some of my favorite inspiration images of tubs. I think my dream one will be claw foot and nice and big so I can fit my tall-self inside.

Not only do I love this tub but the chair with the lyre back makes my chair loving heart swoon. The chandelier is pretty elegant as well.

Love the reflective quality of the outside not loving the coral looking ceiling mounted faucet.

All the white! Love it!

This is for my nautical loving friend Lauren.

The curtains are just so old world so is the finish on the outside of the tub, great to soak in while reading Pride and Prejudice.

All images via google and
personal inspiration file


  1. I would love a warm bubble bath! The snow is coming.... That last photo....what a fabulous shower curtain! It's like a canopy.

  2. third photo down: light + white = all things pretty. tub is beautiful. if i had one, i would probably use it to house a small garden of peonies + hydrangeas! thanks for sharing!

  3. I have always wanted a claw foot tub! I love bubble baths :) There's certain things only a hot bath can cure.

  4. 你的努力我們都看見了--支持你..............................

  5. i LOVE that beach inspired bathroom.. i have never seen anything like it.. defintely going to remember that! :)