Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Favorite Spaces: Edition One

There are so many spaces in my life that I have been into and have resonated with me for years after. For the next couple of posts I'll be introducing you to some of my favorites.

The first is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, MA. This museum is highly unique. Ms. Gardner was one of the foremost art patrons of her time to traveled extensively collecting antiques and art work. Her home in Boston was filled with beautiful antiques and pieces of art, in 1924 her home became a museum, making sure, under contract that her collection remained intact.

Featured in the museum is a central courtyard which is beautiful manicured and changed for the seasons. The museum transports you to a different time of style and glamour. They even host after hour cocktail parties, which I hope to attend..soon.

I've been to the museum so many times but I still love the balconies looking into the courtyard and the beautiful antiques. The architecture is just to die for and it instantly became one of my favorite places, it is a source of inspiration every time I revisit. It is such an unique experience to be able to look at masterpieces without being in a stuffy museum with a million school children.

All images via google


  1. the architecture is stunning. you really can transport yourself into another era in the space. looking forward to seeing more of the inspired locations!

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