Monday, March 29, 2010

Graduation Garb

Although I am stressed to the max right now with work on my thesis project there is one little thing that makes me happy. Online browsing for a graduation dress, even though its two months away.

I already have these great gold t-strap sandals I got at Ann Taylor Loft at the end of the season last year for 15 dollars! They kind of look like this but not as high.

The first dress I had my sights set on was this fabulous flowered dress from JCrew, I already tried it on and it looks great on me which is a plus (as I haven't tried on any of the others), but the dress is a little pricey for what it is. I'm hoping it goes on sale, or one of these other fabulous dresses might end up being the final choice.

Second up is this ruffled pretty in pink number from Arden B. We all know how much I love RUFFLES so this is becoming a front runner, but I have not tried it on so I'm try to decide whether to order it or not, or possibly trying to find it in store. I just think this will look perfect with the gold sandals and some fabulous gold jewelry. The problem is that it is that the graduation is in May in Boston right by the water so I might be a tad too chilly and a sweater probably won't look good with this.

Third is this perfect convertible dress from Victoria's Secret, it one of those fabulous dress that you can wear a million of different ways. I have always wanted one of these dress I heard they work well on many body shapes and I'm pretty sure I'll wear it tons of time during the summer with a pair of flip flops. I'm not sure if this is "the" graduation dress but I do think I might have to buy it.

Forth is this nautical inspired dress from Bloomingdale's. Again I think this would go perfectly with my gold sandals and I'm pretty sure I could get a cardi to go with it and have it still look chic, maybe with a belt a la Mrs. Obama.

Finally is this chic Soo Lee wrap dress, I love this so much it hurts, but it is sold out. I think it would just go perfect with the shoes and it is just screaming out at me to buy it, if only I could. If anyone knows where I could find this, please please pretty please with sugar on top let me know.

So lovely's what dress do you think screams me and graduation?

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