Monday, May 31, 2010

The Young Victoria

After waiting what seemed like a century to see The Young Victoria I finally got to watch it last night. It was just perfection. There were so many good movies this award season it is fantastic to be able to see them slowly as they come out on DVD. Young Victoria was just a delight.

The movie tells the story of Queen Victoria as she rises to the throne and the beginnings of her relationship with Prince Albert. Not knowing much about Queen Victoria's reign or life this was a great insight into a wonderful woman.

The film's cinematography is to be envied, every screen shot is to be savored. There is this wonderful repeating element of mirrors throughout the film. The characters are either moving in front of them with the mirrors behind or they are directly looking into the mirrors, examining their inner and outer beauty.

The costumes are a major character in the film and just highlight the richness and drama of the feature. The characters come alive and become more real with them. Between the costumes and sets I just wanted to live in the film for a few days.

Emily Blunt was just fantastic as the Queen. Having only seeing her in a few modern movies it was great to see her relish in a costume drama. Queen Victoria seemed like such a modern strong woman in time where she was not respected.

If you are a fan of costume dramas or perfectly romantic movie you should definitely check out The Young Victoria.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Education on Perfection

After waiting for months to see An Education, I finally got to see it tonight. After seeing it I wish I had seen it earlier so that I could have watched it and savored it fifteen times by now.

An Education was a film that should be seen without interruption, while eating crepes and sipping champagne.

As I am obsessed with all things vintage especially the 50s and 60s this was a showcase of all things "Meaghan". The set and costume design is to be envied, after watching I wanted to be transported into the wardrobe of Jenny and live in her home and visit the places she did.

The writing is just superb. The characters are layered, smart and engaging. The dialogue makes you wish you had those smart and quick things to say.

The soundtrack fits so perfectly well with the rest of the beautiful masterpiece of a film it calls for immediate download.

After only seeing Carey Mulligan, in small roles in Pride and Prejudice and Public Enemies, I am glad to know her as an actress as she was just enchanting. She played a naive girl but at the same time gave such wisdom and depth to a character you wish you knew.

Peter Sansgaard excelled in this role and I hope he is able to find more parts that allow him to create characters equivalent to this caliber of acting.

If you haven't seen An Education yet go out and rent it. Relish in its perfection.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nine Confusing Story-lines, Two Great Performances

Tonight I finally got around to watching Nine. Although I heard rumblings of it being disappointing, I'm done with school now so I had a few hours free finally. The movie was a bit of a let down I must say, but it was also visually beautiful. Every scene was worth framing, each costume to be envied.

The movie tells the story of Guido, a Italian director (played by the very talented Daniel Day Lewis) and the women that inspire him. Although this concept seemed interesting it was done in a way that became very confusing and disjointed.

Luckily there were two wonderful performances and the time featuring these actors were simply perfect. Marion Cotillard, one of my girl crushes, was just perfect. She reviled in her small role making it a piece of beauty. The role of the disgruntled wife could have been done over the top, but instead it was simple and moving. Marion's two musical numbers were done with the grace of a well seasoned singer not an actress.

Nicole Kidman played another small role in the film, Guido's actress muse, and she played it beautifully and it really pulled together the movie. It was lovely to hear her sing again since I adored her Moulin Rouge.

Personally the rest of the movie was a good attempt, but some editing should have done to the script as it was too disjointed and not all parts flowed as they should have.

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