Monday, May 10, 2010

Nine Confusing Story-lines, Two Great Performances

Tonight I finally got around to watching Nine. Although I heard rumblings of it being disappointing, I'm done with school now so I had a few hours free finally. The movie was a bit of a let down I must say, but it was also visually beautiful. Every scene was worth framing, each costume to be envied.

The movie tells the story of Guido, a Italian director (played by the very talented Daniel Day Lewis) and the women that inspire him. Although this concept seemed interesting it was done in a way that became very confusing and disjointed.

Luckily there were two wonderful performances and the time featuring these actors were simply perfect. Marion Cotillard, one of my girl crushes, was just perfect. She reviled in her small role making it a piece of beauty. The role of the disgruntled wife could have been done over the top, but instead it was simple and moving. Marion's two musical numbers were done with the grace of a well seasoned singer not an actress.

Nicole Kidman played another small role in the film, Guido's actress muse, and she played it beautifully and it really pulled together the movie. It was lovely to hear her sing again since I adored her Moulin Rouge.

Personally the rest of the movie was a good attempt, but some editing should have done to the script as it was too disjointed and not all parts flowed as they should have.

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  1. Glad you at least appreciated it, given the huge expectations had I guess I was smidgen disappointed, but not really I really liked glad to see someone feting Nicole's excellent take on Claudia (I love how she says simple things like "Yes, I can turn to my left..."). It's not excellence, but I think it's VERY good and for me not a performance rings false although ranking them it'd be Cotillard, DDL, Cruz, Dench, Kidman (only because of screntime).

  2. Not my favorite movie but I would watch Daniel Day Lewis read the phone book.