Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Currently Craving..

Besides a job I am currently craving all things that scream summer including popsicles, watermelon, outdoor movies and Iggy's doughboys eaten at the beach. These are a few materialistic things I have been craving this summer..

a pair of fabulous heeled sandals like these from Nine West..

another pair of these perfect length linen shorts from Gap..

a perfect straw hat to protect your face from the sun like this one from JCrew..

a statement necklace with uber pretty enameled beads like this one from Forever 21 ..

and this perfectly pink dress from ModCloth.

Ridiculously Big Redwoods

After our amazing day in Florence we drove to Crescent City, CA which is right outside the Redwood National Park. We started our day by going to an information center where a national park ranger highlighted good routes in the park for us to see, this was really helpful considering the extent of the national park.

We decided to first drive through this section of the park that was mostly a narrow dirt road with many hiking trails off of it. Here we saw so many amazing trees and just a completely different forrest than we are used to back East.

Thankfully we packed a picnic this day which was a great choice because there weren't many places to stop for food as we made our way through the national park and coast.

After lunch we came to this amazing hiking spot that was really foggy. At first we were a little disappointed that it was overcast but it made the forrest so incredibly beautiful.

The Redwood National Park was just amazing and I recommend it to anyone and everyone! Next up wine country!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun in Florence

After driving for a few hours we arrived in Florence, OR right on the coast. It is a really cute little town with tons of shops with items crafted by artists from the area (we found it strange because every shop told us this and how many artists live in the area?). The people were uber friendly, I swear every shop we went in we were asked our whole life story, but it was pretty cool because some people knew Boston and Rhode Island and talked about spots around us.

Just 12 miles outside Florence is the Sea Lion Caves, one of the main reasons we wanted to go to Florence.

The Sea Lion Caves are completely natural and the business does not interact with the sea lions at all so it is just super cool to look into their little hide out. The walk down to the cave was beautiful with great views of the coast and Heceta Head Lighthouse.

The cave itself was so awesome, but really smelly and loud, those sea lions sure make a racket. It was hard to take good pictures since you couldn't use flash but it was just an awesome experience. The guide down in the cave told us all about the different sea lion's personalities and her names for them, she spends five to six days a week down there so she names the ones with big personalities.

On the other side of the cave was the old staircase you used to use to get to the cave (now there is a fancy elevator) here were some amazing views of the lighthouse and the coast.

After the sea lions we decided to visit the lighthouse. The walk to the lighthouse was just beautiful with panoramic views and the sound of the water on the rocks. Once you got to the lighthouse there were more gorgeous views. We also got to climb to the top of the lighthouse and the view was just perfect.

After the lighthouse we grabbed lunch, nothing special but it was good and then walked around town looking in shops. After our shopping we decided to leave Florence and drive towards Crescent City which is where we wanted to stay so then we could do the Redwoods National Park. The drive down the coast was just beautiful, we even found this cool beach filled with drift wood, I had never seen so much drift wood it was incredible.

Stay tuned..Monday..Redwood National Park
a.k.a some really BIG trees!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pouring in Portland

After having an amazing time in Seattle we picked up our rental car and drove to Portland. We arrived in Portland around dinner time and had wonderful gourmet pizza at Pizzicato Pizza on NW 23rd Ave. We sat outside and people watched while eating an amazing pizza with parmesan sauce, snap peas, prosciutto, and caramelized onions (I should have taken a picture it was delicious!). We then did a little shopping around the area

The next morning we woke up and opened the curtain to our hotel room to see rain, biblical rain, and here I thought Seattle was the rainy city?! Although the rain put a damper on our plans we went back to the same area so see some of the shops that were closed the night before, we first stopped at Portland Bagel Company for breakfast. I had an amazing chai latte and a parmesan and herb bagel with veggie cream cheese, it was superb I'm dying just thinking about how good it was and how I can't have it. After eating we went around to the shops but us stupid east coasters realized none of the shops opened til 11am on a Sunday (here on the east coast its usually more like 10am) since it was only 9.30am we decided to go for a drive and see if we could find something dry to do.

We ended up in Washington Park which was just beautiful even in the rain. We went to the Japanese garden which was just breathtaking. My cousin married a girl from Japan and I wished they could have taken their wedding pictures there because it was just amazing.

After the Japanese garden we stopped at the Rose Garden but let me tell you after the Japanese Garden we just weren't impressed, I mean it was beautiful but it just didn't compare. After the Rose Garden we decided to leave Portland because it was raining even harder and we didn't feel like dealing with rain management anymore.

So we left early and drove to Florence OR, see what we did there next...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Last night I finally watched Lost in Translation! Okay yes I'm seven years late but back in 2003 I wasn't my full-blown-film-aficionado-self yet.

Sofia Coppola's ode to loneliness was done so simplistic, it was moving beyond words. I teared up thinking about it at the end (because I'm a uber geek).

Scarlett Johansson was marvelous in a simply elegant way. Bill Murray though was surprisingly shockingly magnificent! He was so good in this, maybe it is just because I have only really seen him in Ghostbusters.

Sofia's new movie Somewhere's trailer was recently released and it just looks like another masterpiece. Elle Fanning (that's Dakota's little sis, talent must run in the family) is also in it which makes me want to see it even more because she was just sublime in Phoebe in Wonderland!

Check out the trailer here.

What do you all think? Are you going to see it? If you saw Lost in Translation what did you think?

All images via tumblr search

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello Seattle!

A few weeks ago I left on what I call "My Great Western Adventure". My aunt and I flew to Seattle and from there drove down the coast making our final stop in San Francisco and flying home from there. I wanted to share with you my trip and some of the lovely things about all the places I got to visit so today: Seattle!

The first stop in Seattle was Pikes Place! The ultimate tourist trap, but hey! It was so much fun so many craft tables and tables and table of freshly picked flowers!

We also did the underground tour, which was a blast. The tour is a walking tour underneath Seattle's sidewalks, seeing the passageways that were once the streets and first floor storefronts. It was really cool and super interesting.


Of course we went to the top of the space needle.

We had amazing food at Five Spot after climbing a massive hill. But the hill was worth it the food was fantastic! We had the fried green tomatoes, I had the Top of the Hill Tostado.

Before we left we did the Tour the Ducks! which you take these WWII cars/boats for a tour around Seattle. The tour was fun and there was tons of music and dancing but there was not enough info in my opinion. The coolest part was when we went into Lake Union and got to see the city and all the house barges. I want one!

Next: Portland!