Thursday, June 17, 2010

Favorite Spaces: Edition Four

California Academy of Sciences by Renzo Piano
San Francisco, CA

This is a new space to add to my list of favorites. I just got back from a western adventure trip on Sunday and San Francisco was our last stop. While there we visited the California Academy of Sciences by Renzo Piano.

The museum is said to be the "greenest" or most sustainable one in the world. The museum hosts a planetarium, a four rain forest, penguins, sting rays, coral reef, and a living roof.

The museum itself is just fabulous and fun but the building itself is just magnificent. The windows, bubbling roof, two global spheres and the concrete is just music to your eyes.

I would definitely recommend hitting the California Academy of Sciences while in San Francisco, even kids will love it and adults will and if you are an architecture fan it is a must see.

Images via me and google

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