Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun in Florence

After driving for a few hours we arrived in Florence, OR right on the coast. It is a really cute little town with tons of shops with items crafted by artists from the area (we found it strange because every shop told us this and how many artists live in the area?). The people were uber friendly, I swear every shop we went in we were asked our whole life story, but it was pretty cool because some people knew Boston and Rhode Island and talked about spots around us.

Just 12 miles outside Florence is the Sea Lion Caves, one of the main reasons we wanted to go to Florence.

The Sea Lion Caves are completely natural and the business does not interact with the sea lions at all so it is just super cool to look into their little hide out. The walk down to the cave was beautiful with great views of the coast and Heceta Head Lighthouse.

The cave itself was so awesome, but really smelly and loud, those sea lions sure make a racket. It was hard to take good pictures since you couldn't use flash but it was just an awesome experience. The guide down in the cave told us all about the different sea lion's personalities and her names for them, she spends five to six days a week down there so she names the ones with big personalities.

On the other side of the cave was the old staircase you used to use to get to the cave (now there is a fancy elevator) here were some amazing views of the lighthouse and the coast.

After the sea lions we decided to visit the lighthouse. The walk to the lighthouse was just beautiful with panoramic views and the sound of the water on the rocks. Once you got to the lighthouse there were more gorgeous views. We also got to climb to the top of the lighthouse and the view was just perfect.

After the lighthouse we grabbed lunch, nothing special but it was good and then walked around town looking in shops. After our shopping we decided to leave Florence and drive towards Crescent City which is where we wanted to stay so then we could do the Redwoods National Park. The drive down the coast was just beautiful, we even found this cool beach filled with drift wood, I had never seen so much drift wood it was incredible.

Stay tuned..Monday..Redwood National Park
a.k.a some really BIG trees!