Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My French Girl Crush

I think if you have been reading my blog for a bit you may realize that I have a bit (and by a bit I mean a HUGE) girl crush on Marion Cotillard. Ever since I saw her in La vie en rose I have been enchanted by her. Then came the Dior ads and multiple other movie that made me wish I was as chic as she is.

Marion is the cover girl of July's issue of Vouge. Such a fantastic choice. It is just a host of images that make you want to walk off a steep cliff because you know you will never be as beautiful as she.

The article is online, I'm not sure if there is more in the magazine but I'll find out as I will probably scoop it up next time I see it. In the article you learn more about how cool Ms. Cotillard is besides being gorgeous, she is a huge eco-warrior (knowing which melons cost more to import), wears a uniform of men's hats and white baggy t-shirts, and sends handwritten thank you notes for every bouquet of flowers she receives.

The images are already my wallpaper. I suggest you do a makeover of your computer's wallpaper as well and watch a few of her movies. Marion is the epitome of trés chic!

All imgaes via Vouge

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  1. I have loved her since her breakthrough role! .. She indeed looks gorgeous in these pictures and sounds über cool from what you have written! :) Can't wait for my copy of Vogue to arrive this week!