Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pouring in Portland

After having an amazing time in Seattle we picked up our rental car and drove to Portland. We arrived in Portland around dinner time and had wonderful gourmet pizza at Pizzicato Pizza on NW 23rd Ave. We sat outside and people watched while eating an amazing pizza with parmesan sauce, snap peas, prosciutto, and caramelized onions (I should have taken a picture it was delicious!). We then did a little shopping around the area

The next morning we woke up and opened the curtain to our hotel room to see rain, biblical rain, and here I thought Seattle was the rainy city?! Although the rain put a damper on our plans we went back to the same area so see some of the shops that were closed the night before, we first stopped at Portland Bagel Company for breakfast. I had an amazing chai latte and a parmesan and herb bagel with veggie cream cheese, it was superb I'm dying just thinking about how good it was and how I can't have it. After eating we went around to the shops but us stupid east coasters realized none of the shops opened til 11am on a Sunday (here on the east coast its usually more like 10am) since it was only 9.30am we decided to go for a drive and see if we could find something dry to do.

We ended up in Washington Park which was just beautiful even in the rain. We went to the Japanese garden which was just breathtaking. My cousin married a girl from Japan and I wished they could have taken their wedding pictures there because it was just amazing.

After the Japanese garden we stopped at the Rose Garden but let me tell you after the Japanese Garden we just weren't impressed, I mean it was beautiful but it just didn't compare. After the Rose Garden we decided to leave Portland because it was raining even harder and we didn't feel like dealing with rain management anymore.

So we left early and drove to Florence OR, see what we did there next...

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  1. thanks for sharing your vacay! beautiful pics. must say the japanese garden looks absolutely amazing!