Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ridiculously Big Redwoods

After our amazing day in Florence we drove to Crescent City, CA which is right outside the Redwood National Park. We started our day by going to an information center where a national park ranger highlighted good routes in the park for us to see, this was really helpful considering the extent of the national park.

We decided to first drive through this section of the park that was mostly a narrow dirt road with many hiking trails off of it. Here we saw so many amazing trees and just a completely different forrest than we are used to back East.

Thankfully we packed a picnic this day which was a great choice because there weren't many places to stop for food as we made our way through the national park and coast.

After lunch we came to this amazing hiking spot that was really foggy. At first we were a little disappointed that it was overcast but it made the forrest so incredibly beautiful.

The Redwood National Park was just amazing and I recommend it to anyone and everyone! Next up wine country!


  1. it's pretty incredible to be among something that's been there forever. not to mention, we all could use some reminding about how small we really are. ; ) lovely pics! can't wait for next installment!

  2. Those trees are SO beautiful and amazing. Enjoy Napa!