Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mad Women Style

Okay, so I haven't posted in ages. Sorry I have been so uninspired. I hope to post more frequently sorry lovely followers. So onto something that always inspires me, Mad Men. The Mad Men finale is tonight so to celebrate and mourn the ending of another great season here are my modern picks for some Mad Women styling.

For Dr. Faye, the new Mad Woman I would choose this bright and sophisticated dress paired with a strand of pearls and confidence.

For my favorite Mad Woman, Joan, I would choose this gorgeous jewel toned dress paired with pumps, a broach and a silver haired gentleman.

For everyones favorite love to hate character, Betty, I would choose this floral frock paired with pearls and a disapproving look.

For the career woman and Don's new confidant, Peggy, I choose this grey number, just watch the red lipstick on your teeth.

All dresses via ModCloth images via Tom and Lorenzo